Midwest to Pacific North West, Part five – June 2019

Woke up late in the morning at the Goodell Campgrounds along the Skagit River, off of the North Cascades Highway. After 14 hours on the trails the previous day we were exhausted. Got lots of sleep before we eventually crawled out of the tents to see the green world around us.

The days on the trail had taken it’s toll so we decided to keep it chill by just lazing around camp for the day. Nature made sure that we couldn’t stay lazy all day, as some consistent rain kept us busy setting up a tarp shelter off of the ARB awning. We ate all the leftover BBQ Burger Mac, drink some libations and reminisced about the past week. Overall, it was an fantastic trip – great to hang with my bud, Dana, and it be back in the Cascades.



I was able to capture a decent Milky Way shot on the way over highway 20 at the Washington Pass Observation Site.



As an added bonus, got to hang out with a few friends at Chuck’s Hop Shoppe before I flew back to the Midwest.



View of Seattle from southbound I-5


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