Midwest to Pacific North West, Part two – June 2019

After that amazing nights sleep, I woke refreshed and ready to take on the days worth of camp-work and relaxing. We were meeting the rest of crew later in the day so our main objective was to watch the river flow by, eat some of Dana’s patented BBQ Burger Mac, and drink some whiskey. We reviewed the trail maps for our next destination, a camp on the north side of Hawkins mountain at the dead end of a trail that technically does not exist. At least, it doesn’t appear on most topo maps. Nonetheless, it affords stunning views in the shadows of Hawkins, across the valley looking down on South Fork Fortune Creek and NF-160. We met with Nik, Tony and Kim along Salmon La Sac road and proceeded up NF-4330 to NF-160. A word of caution about NF-160: This trail has become more of a challenge than it used to be. It’s unclear whats caused the deterioration, whether its from the weather, from an ever increasing amount of use by overlanders or some combination, but the trail now has some parts where the rocks are large and the gravel is loose.

After some finagling, we got the three rigs arranged around the campsite and got to the real reason we were all there: joking with friends, eating some amazing riblets and steaks, and drinking outside around a campfire. Dana shared one of his cellar beers: 2017 Fremont Rusty Nail, which was robust and delicious. We stayed at this campsite from Friday evening through Sunday morning. Kim left out on Saturday while the rest of us continued with the usual craziness that happens around camp.










As the day moved onto evening, it was found out that Nik is seriously creeped out by ‘Dobie’ from Harry Potter. Dana does his best impression – Nik is not amused:

IMG_1947 (1)


There also was a couple of these birds flying around us. I’m not really a bird-nerd but these were some of the most colorful birds I’ve ever seen in the Washington wilds.

IMG_1934Crazy bird



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