Camping on the Cle Elum River – April 2018

Embracing the rain, and the cold, in the pacific north west is an important mental trick one must perform to enjoy a camping trip during spring. Not all overland excursions need to be arduous or just about the journey; sometimes the destination is the goal. Heading out towards a favorite spot, the road is paved and the goal is clear: camp along the Cle Elum River. Surrounded by snow capped, fir tree covered foothills and a rushing, burbling river nearby, the camp was idyllic. Some sort of hot, bright, round thing showed up in the sky for a while too.

Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-7


Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-6


Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-9


Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-8


Plenty of others were also out camping along the river, even though it was predicted to be mostly overcast with a decent chance of rain for most of the weekend. Several rig convoys made their way through the river bed, even at night.

Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-2.jpg


Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-5.jpg


The weekend turned out to be quite an Adventure Ready weekend, as a few of the service techs were along for the camp or to show up at one point. It was interesting to hang with Hans and hear some of his stories, as well as his ideas on what constitutes a good rig build. His practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t is a take-away that will influence the trajectory of my build, for sure. Checking out his beast of a rig as it gets prepped for Overland Expo, (where Adventure Ready will have a booth), was a eye opener.

As always, it was great to hang with my buddy, Dana. Special thanks to him once again for the camp chili. Seriously, this guy needs to write an Overlander’s cookbook.

Cle Elum River Camping April 2018.jpg


Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-3


Cle Elum River Camping April 2018-10

5 thoughts on “Camping on the Cle Elum River – April 2018

    1. Hey bud! Good to hear from ya! I’m thinking of heading out again on March 19th, if ya wanna come along. Probably towards 97, to the west of Liberty. OR to the Colockum Ridge area. Not really sure how much snow is still out there.


  1. The actual spot you camped in – was it an official spot or was it a place you and the group picked? I don’t like campgrounds anymore as “public camping” is over for me. Would love to know the area you were in along the river.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Don – This area off of Cle Elum River is all open camping, so it’s not really an ‘official spot’. That said, this area is well known and relatively easy to get to so lots of people tend to be in the area. I believe there were at least four other groups of people camping within a few hundred yards of us. Here’s the exact coordinates of where we camped: 47.351724, -121.109304.


      1. Thanks for the reply and wow, how cool to also get the coordinates! I really appreciate the info and hope to go there some day 🙂


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