Golden Gardens Park, Seattle – December 2017

Taking advantage of a rare clear, sunny December day in Seattle, my overlanding buddy Dana and I ventured down to the Golden Gardens Park to catch some views of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound and to just relax. Golden Gardens is one of the few parks in the Seattle metro area that allows beach fires in the evening hours so it was a suitable substitute for a camp fire. Dana concocted another fabulous meal of burger-mac-n-cheese, his trademark camping meal, and we scarfed that down while the darkness quickly descended.

Golden Gardens December 2017

Several characters and cartoon people were wandering around the park, like the guy who was glazing his ceramics all evening in an open fire and the drunk guy with a sad story of losing his father and being served with a divorce notice just after returning from cresting Mount Everest the week before.

It was interesting, to say the least, to experience a facsimile of camping in a urban setting. By far, the good company and stunning visuals of the sun setting over the Olympics were worth it.

Golden Gardens Seattle December 20174

Golden Gardens Seattle December 20171

Golden Gardens Seattle December 20172

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