Restful day at Tucquala Lake, Cle Elum, WA – Nov 2016

Wanting to take advantage of the relatively calm weather on the east side of the mountains lead me to another day out on the trails with my good buddy. Driving along Salmon La Sac road north of Ronald, WA we stopped by the lake to see how different the water levels were compared with this summer, where we had miles of dry lake bed to explore. This time, there was still a surprising amount of lake bed that was traversable but much less than last time. We had hoped to catch a glimpse of the migrating salmon but none were seen.

Once the paved road ends, the climb up the Cle Elum Valley Road begins. One begins to catch more elevation and the mountains crowd in closer to the trail. After about 9.5 miles you come up to Tucquala lake, a smallish, shallow lake with stunning views.




We pitched the awning and began cooking up some chili. The ARB awning has again proven to be a smart investment as it kept the light rain and occasional snow clumps falling from the tall Douglas Firs from hitting us as we lounged around.

Before we knew it, the overcast day faded to dusk, and then to total darkness. With all lights blazing, we splashed through the mud puddles back down to civilization and home.


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