Sugarloaf Lookout and Leavenworth, WA – Oct 2016

The 2016 Overlanding season is rapidly coming to a close so it is imperative to explore the backcountry while one can. Luckily, the weather forecast for Saturday, the 22nd of October, was one of clear skies and sunshine.

Heading northeast-ish from Leavenworth, WA, we had a goal of reaching Sugarloaf Lookout but we didn’t set a definite route. Rather, we just followed the trails that led to the direction we wanted to go. This general area is a massive maze of trails. It seems every mountain and hill has a dirt track which leads to even more trails, virtually inexhaustible exploration possibilities with world-class panoramic views.

The Cascade Mountains

The utmost pinnacle of stunning vistas for the area are to be found at Sugarloaf Lookout.  It sits at 5680″ elevation with a full 360° view, with the eastern flatland of Withrow to the east, and well past Lake Wenatchee, about 15 miles to the northwest.

Lake Wenatchee, WA

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