Snoq Pass and Fortune Creek – June 2016

Ventured out again, this time to the area around Fortune Creek, north of Cle Elum, WA. My buddy and I decided to begin the trek by heading northeast from Snoqualamie Pass. Now that the last of the impassable snow has melted off one can venture along the myriad trails around the pass. I highly recommend it as some of the views that pop into view are jaw-dropping gorgeous.

We made our way east as we dropped elevation and came to Little Kachess  and Cle Elum lakes. It seemed only a few hours had passed but in reality more than 7 had already flew by. Time to get moving.

We hooked up with the Fortune Creek trail (approximate trail location) and meandered around the mountains. The actual Fortune creek ORV trails are pretty fun and only minimally challenging if one has outfitted your overlanding vehicle with a decent lift and AT tires. All in all, the area provides a great day on the trails.


47.514813, -121.063494



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