Manastash Ridge Road and Observatory road – May 2016

Went on a day long Overland exploration around the Manastash Ridge road area. Having been in the area before I thought I knew what this area had in store for me. I was so very wrong. After a failed attempt to document the Manastash Ridge trail, my buddy Dana and I chose to explore Observatory Road.

I highly recommend Observatory road as it is just a drop dead beautiful trail. Easy road conditions with absolutely stunning 360* views in many locations.








4 thoughts on “Manastash Ridge Road and Observatory road – May 2016

  1. Was interested in the trucks usually seen on the blog. Looks like a WD21 Pathfinder and a newer (early 2000’s?) Xterra. Was interested to see if you could give some info on the trucks (lifts, tires, other additions). I have a R50 Pathfinder and am currently putting a small lift on it to get some bigger tires under there. Any info on what other people are doing with their Nissans is always cool. I live in the Seattle area and its cool to see people driving Nissans.

    Love the blog.


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    1. Peter, you are correct. That’s a WD21 Pathfinder that my buddy drives and I have a WD22 2004 Xterra XE. Good to meet a fellow Nissan fan and thanks for the compliments! The xterra has a 3″ Calmini Suspension lift, runs 32×11.50r15 BFG KO2’s, Shrockworks winch bumper and sliders, Smittybilt 9k H2O winch, ARB awning, Safari snorkel, cheap but strong Cabela’s roof rack with some customization done on it by my buddy with the Pathy. Rigid Industries dual rear backup lights, RUN-D floods in the front plus some 7″ Xenon spots. Let’s see, what else…engine/transmission armor, K&N drop in air filter. WARN manual hubs (29091), plus a number of little mods here and there. Here is a pathy forum that I stumbled upon a while ago that should be helpful: Hope to see you on the trails!


  2. Thank you for this video. I am taking my telescope to this site this week. I have a Ford Edge (non-4-wheel-drive) and was wondering if you think there would be any problem areas for me while driving? it looked pretty tame from your video. it’s a 2.5hr drive for me and I’d hate to get there and realize i can’t get up the hill.

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    1. Heya Jeff, I’d say Observatory Road (all the way up to the Observatory itself) should be navigable by your Edge if you take it slow. There are spots that are rough because of some good sized rocks -but nothing that would prevent you from making it. Manastash Ridge Road is also pretty tame – up until it’s not. There are two spots where there are steep hill climbs on very loose, large stones. Even for rigs built for off road use these spots can be dangerous. These hills are pretty far west from where Manastash connects up with the west part of Observatory Road (near Wenas). Enjoy the night skies!


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