East of Cle Elum Lake, Washington – April 2016

Went exploring the area north, and east, of Cle Elum Lake, Washington on a Tuesday in the springtime. The area is around Fortune Creek trail. The temperature was warm enough, about 67*, and the wind was minimal…but the rain kept drizzling¬†most of the time. All the GoPro videos I recorded were blurred out by numerous rain drops hitting the housing. Not many photogenic opportunities save for a single shot.


It was a fantastic exploration. This area has many more trails than I ever knew about, having come though the area few times before.There is a Nature Conservancy area on NF-113 that appears to be completely closed to all vehicular traffic even though the gates are open, so be wary of trespassing. NF-4305 east will take one along a trail that has been very recently cleared of winter tree-fall, as of early May 2016. The winter run off has created a series of ruts and drainages that can be very hazardous, be cautious.

Oh, if you look at your paper “Green Trail” topo maps at NF-113 where it intersects West Fork Teanaway road, and see where it says “bridge is out”? Yes, well, it really is out. You *may* be able to get down a steep hill with the three whoop-die-do’s without wiping out, but the river….well, it looks deep enough in spots that it would come up to the tops of your 33’s. And it looked pretty uneven and sketchy in that rushing, clear water.

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