South Cle Elum Ridge, Cle Elum, WA

Looking at my Washington state highways and recreation map on my wall with all my explored trails in highlight, I observed that I haven’t yet delved in the vast south Cle Elum network of trails.

I ventured up into the ridge line just south of Cle Elum, WA. This place has numerous trails to explore, reminiscent of Naches. I stumbled across the Incident Command Center for the Ellensburg fire that was nearby. It was interesting seeing a 8×8 Hemitt army transport that far up into the mtns. I drove one of those in Desert Storm. Spoke with a US Army E-4 and he gave me some insight on the status of the nearby trails. Some trails to the south west were closed off since the fire there was only just 77% under control.

Moving on, I explored NF-114, a mountain top with a flock of turkeys and NF-211, which has an excellent Cle Elum overlook campground.

It is said that is possible to find one’s way through all the NF roads from i-90 and make it all the way southwest-ish to 410. I believe that the Washington BDR, (Backcountry Discovery Route) makes it’s way through this area. I haven’t done that yet but will shortly.

     lake pano







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