Naches Camping, Naches, WA

Went back to Naches to explore the more interesting offshoot trails and for an overnight camp. Took 410 to FR-70 and proceeded to meander around. Ended up camping just north of Naches Pass proper. Naches Trail was an ancient Native American pass through the Cascade Mountains, connecting the various Salish people on the west side (Nisqually & Puyallup) to the Yakima people on the east side of the mountains.  The next day after the camp I continued down 410 towards to east. Eventually I skirted the western border of the Hanford nuclear reservation site by heading further east on highway 24 through Moxee, WA and then a short vaunt northward on 243. It’s been a while since I’ve driven through desert conditions so I took a few promising dirt roads to the east of 243, leading up through some farm access roads with amazing views overlooking the Wanapum dam.

I linked up with i-90 and headed back west.











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