Cape Flattery and Olympic Peninsula Tour, WA

My buddy K and I decided to explore Cape Flattery, WA, the most NW point of the continental US. We took the southern route, along i-5 to Olympia, WA, connecting with highway 101. Then take 8 to the west. From Aberdeen northwards, this is a long drive through lumber company land holdings with very few, if any, dirt tracks available for exploring. All is gated – the way is shut – be no exploring here.

There were several trails along the Quinault land that we didn’t explore as we continued onto our objective.Taking route 113 north from Sappho, WA, (which has a interesting name for a city), up to route 112. Going further,  we explored several small dirt roads off of Cape Loop road and Cape Flattery road to the southwest.  Be careful of exploring some roads – they might be peoples driveways or other places you may not want to drive into…

The complete route around the peninsula was a total of about 460 miles.

It turned out that we missed the loading onto the 2305 ferry from Kingston,WA to Edmonds, WA by just about 10 minutes. I could see the ferry pulling away, just a few meters from the ramps. Plan B: We quickly made our way down to the Bainbridge Island ferry scheduled to leave at 0005, arriving just as the first on-boarding began.

Able to relax after a long journey around the Olympics and narrowly avoiding various troubles, we made our way across the Puget Sound at night by ferry. I’ve never seen Seattle at night from this vantage, slowly approaching by inland sea. It was a spectacular view that is very difficult to photograph because of the wave motion of the ferry.







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