Naches Pass – Naches, WA

The Naches Pass area is a maze of awesomeness. Driving south on 410, just after Greenwater, WA, take the NF-70 road to your left. Stay on NF-70 as it climbs up into the lush green forests. Once the paved road ends you will find ba-jillions of other dusty roads to explore. From there, just start taking whichever forest road looks appealing. Be warned though that while NF-70 is mostly pretty passable even in a car that the offshoot roads can quickly become very technical.

There are some amazing views to be had up in Naches. I like to frequently stop and take in the beauty. Several times you will find yourself on the edge of a precipice with valleys spread out beneath you.

There are numerous boondocking campsites out in Naches. Practice ‘leave no trace’ when out in Naches since there is a real possibility that some forest roads will be closed to ORV travel if too much trash is left behind. And besides that, this is gorgeous forest – leave it as clean or even cleaner than the way you found it.

Travelling way out in the backcountry also requires a decent GPS AND paper topographic maps. It is very possible to get lost out in Naches. You would likely come across someone else before too long but that is not always true of some of the smaller forest roads. I’ve been on trails for hours without seeing anyone. Before I ventured out I stopped by my local REI and picked up several topo maps that cover this entire area.

If you continue to head southeast on NF-70 you will eventually make you way back onto 410.





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